This Interfaith Encounter-inspired play was performed in the United States.  It was created by Miriam Hansen and chiefly focuses on the IEA’s Operation Chametz.

The Easy Way to Peace in the Holy Land

In his TEDxJaffa talk, Dr. Yehuda Stolov presents the belief that peace in the Middle East is really quite simple — if we focus on our commonalities of our faith, rather than that which separates us.

Finding Peace in Hebron (IEA’s Jerusalem-Hebron Youth Interfaith Encounter Group)

Below is a short film (an Israel 21C Video) detailing an encounter between Israelis and Palestinians in Hebron

An IEA Play by Temple Beth Jacob

This is a play performed by the children of Temple Beth Jacob in Montpelier, VT.  It is a private video, so you must click the link to view it. (length: 8:40 minutes)

God’s Holy Mountain

Here is a Hebrew interview on the Israeli 2nd Channel with Dr. Ohr Maraglit, leader of IEA’s Holy Mountain project. (length: 6 minutes)

IEA and its Prayer-focused Group

Below are three versions of a short video piece produced by the Terra Santa News of the Custody of the Holy Land. The main clip is in English, but there are links to the Italian & Arabic versions below.

Watch the clip in Italian or in Arabic.

“Jerusalem – City of Hope” (IEA’s Mothers and Daughters group)

The following is a four minute clip from a program that the South African SABC TV channel will broadcast about Jerusalem.  The clip is an excellent piece about IEA’s “The Future” group of Mothers and Daughters.

“Jerusalem: War in my Land”

In this compelling 10-minute documentary, award-winning filmmaker Arturo Perez Jr. follows IEA’s efforts to facilitate a peaceful coexistence in the Holy Land.  Although IEA is identified only briefly by name, the film focuses on two of our group coordinators, Salah (Muslim) and Yael (Jewish), and the groups shown are IEA encounters.

IEA Presentation:

(images © Interfaith Encounter Association 2009, music © Aaron Werschulz 2009)


(© Interfaith Encounter Association 2009)

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