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Below are some reports of IEA-related activity (see more here):

General Encounters – Citizens Building Community


Breaking the fast of Ramadan and the 17th of Tamuz
March 22: Mindfulness training in the Thich Nhat Hanh tradition
Human Rights in Religion” Event

School Coexistence Program – Karmiel-Majd el-Krum

Two encounters in February
January 30: Planting trees together
Dec 19: Hanukkah and other themes


5 encounter from 20.8.2014 to 3.12.2014
First and second encounter – 25.3.2014 & 23.7.2014


Identity – Jaffa-Tel Aviv Interfaith Encounter on 6th June 2006
Launch of Tel Aviv-Jaffa Interfaith Encounter – 3rd April 2006

Reut-Sadaqa Friendship-Jerusalem General Group

Two encounters in late Spring/early Summer
Two encounters!
December 16: Spirit of Prayer

Arabic Speaking Group

Two encounters in the spring
January 8: Nelson Mandela & the environment
Oct 30: Eid al Adha and Channukah

HEFAPII (Health Equality for all People in Israel)

Olim from Ethiopia
Report of the last year
Overview of the 2013 presentations

Jewish-Christian Study Group

Matthew 10, 6.10.2015
Matthew 8-9, 8.9.2015
Matthew 5, 8.6.2015


Summarizing encounter on July 3rd 2014
Two encounters on 23.1.2014 & 27.3.2014
Nov 29 – May 30: Five encounters

Women’s Interfaith Encounter (WIE)

Jerusalem WIE

Three encounters in the winter/early spring
Two encounters: 6/17 & 11/11
Two encounters: 7/16 & 10/16

Women’s Empowerment to Communal Leadership

Four encounters from Christmas to Shavuot
Celebrating the three holidays (December 21, 2011)
Visit to the “Open House” in Ramle (November 3, 2011)

Haifa WIE

Two visits towards the end of 2013
Three visits in the fall of 2013
Two visits in August

Youth Interfaith Encounter (YIE)

Status update of the DOIT project
Five more encounters of the Gordon Groups (11/19/13)
Five encounters of the Gordon Groups (11/12/13)

Tel Aviv YIE

Two encounters of TAU Youth Interfaith Encounter, in November and December
Two Encounters of Tel Aviv Youth Interfaith Encounter – on 16th & 30th March
BIRTH – Tel Aviv University Youth Interfaith Encounter on 19th January 2009

Mt. Scopus YIE

Two encounters in the spring of 2014
Feb 27: Respect and dietary restrictions
Two Encounters

Language Exchange (formally groups Language Exchange I & II)


Jerusalem YIE

6/19: Calendars & Symbols
3/19: On family
9/12: Respect for the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Yellin College Language Exchange YIE

March 9: Getting to know each other
First three encounters!

Retreats and Conferences

World Interfaith Harmony Week – February 9th 
Second Annual Symposium on Interfaith Ethics and Tolerance – Full Report
Assessing the effectiveness of IEA’s work – research & seminar on 26

Courses & Lecture Series

Encounter with Religions of Jerusalem 7th Session – 16th January 2008
Encounter with Religions of Jerusalem 6th Session, 2nd January 2008
Encounter with Religions of Jerusalem 4th & 5th Sessions, 28th November & 19th December 2007

Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue


Orphans – The 34th Israeli- Palestinian retreat of Interfaith Encounter
The 33rd Israeli-Palestinian retreat of interfaith encounter
Food – 31st Israeli-Palestinian retreat of interfaith encounter


March 27-29 (Retreat): “The Art of Living”
Yoga Teachers’ Course @The West Bank
Planning a Yoga Teachers Course

Nablus Area YIE

First two encounters!

Ohel Abraham – Jerusalem-Hebron Religious Leaders

Three encounters in mid 2014
Two encounters in early 2014
January 5: Reception of the Torah/Koran

Adama Interfaith Encounter


Interfaith Visits Encounter Group

March 30th: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Two encounters: 12/13 & 1/27
May 30th: City of David

Beit Hakerem – Bethlehem Group

First encounter on 10.6.2015

Jerusalem – Bethlehem Students Group

Meeting the new coordinator – Encounter for January 17th
Moving forward in light of the challenges of meeting – Encounter for June 14th
Coffee & faith at the Austrian Hospice –  Encounter for March 15th

Midwives WIE

5/13: Delivery Room Dilemmas 
Two Encounters
Encounter on 4/18: FIVE YEAR CELEBRATION!

Jerusalem-Hebron YIE

Two encounters in early 2014
11/14: Attitude towards the stranger
2/14: The power of G-d

Circle of Light and Hope

February 4: Economics in different faiths
Four encounters (including a trip to Tel Aviv)
November 11: Meaning of dreams in different faiths

Jerusalem-Yata YIE

Three encounters in the winter/early spring
Encounters on June 8 & August 31: the beach and El Kader
Encounter on April 20: Freedom

IEA’s 62nd Group (Name TBD)

3/10: Launch!
4/14: Second meeting with coffee and cookies

South of Hebron YIE

Two encounters and a retreat
March 7: Divorce in Judaism and Islam
Dec 6: End of Days

Middle East Abrahamic Forum

Middle East and North Africa 5th Annual Conference (Under the Theme “Religious Traditions”) 12-15 April 2007

Euro-Mediterranean Forum

Second Conference of the Euro-Mediterranean Abrahamic Forum
Launch of Euro-Mediterranean Abrahamic Forum – Amman, April 2010
Lublin Conference

Friends of IEA


Yuba-Sutter Interfaith Encounter – 22 March 2006
Yuba-Sutter Interfaith Encounter Resumes Activity – 22 February 2006


Friends of IEA – May 2005

Back to Our Activity

Currently Inactive

“Oil for Peace” Project

Oil for Peace – Jayus Harvest on Oct 21-22
Oil Harvest in Jayus
Launch of “Oil for Peace” project, June 2nd


IEA’s 37th group launched in Maalot on January 10th
Hanukah celebration (December 26th)


Acre Interfaith Encounter Group Renews its Activity on 3rd December 2007
Launch of Acre Interfaith Encounter – 18th Ongoing Group of the Interfaith Encounter Association – 28th January 2007

Restaurant Group in the Galilee

First three encounters!
Two Encounters of M’ghar Sawa Rabina Interfaith Encounter – 6th April 2008
4 Activities of M’ghar Interfaith Encounter in January 2006

M’ghar – Shibolot

Shibolot Interfaith Encounter – 2 Encounters in December 2007 and January 2008
3 Activities of Shibolot Interfaith Encounter During the Summer – 2007
Two Encounters in March of Shibolot Interfaith Encounter

M’ghar – Sawa Rabina

Retired Teachers – Sawa Rabina Interfaith Encounter Group on 14th February 2009
Sawa Rabina Interfaith Encounter on 29th December 2008 and Work Plan for 1st Half of 2009
Sawa Rabina Interfaith Encounter on 16th September 2008

M’ghar – Bridging

Bridging Interfaith Encounter Group’s Encounter on 2nd January 2008
Bridging Interfaith Encounter on 10th July 2007
Launch and Second Encounter of Bridging Interfaith Encounter – IEA’s 20th Group


Two Encounters of the Lana Interfaith Encounter Group in October-November 2007
Lana Interfaith Encounter – End of Year Party and Evaluation – 6th August 2007
Launch of Lana Interfaith Encounter – 2nd Women’s Group in M’ghar, Dedicated to Health Advancement 2007

M’ghar – Green Light

Green Light – IEA’s 29th Group Launched in Mghar on 13th January 2009

Karmel City

Food – Karmel City Interfaith Encounter – 30th November 2007
Karmel City Interfaith Encounter – 17th May 2007
Karmel City Interfaith Encounter – 25th March 2007

Chayim Beyachad

Chayim B’Yachad Interfaith Encounter Group of Wadi Ara on 14th March 2008

Feb 27: “Incoherence of the Philosophers”
First Encounter!
Prayer Group

Prayer-Focused-Group on September 6th
TV on Prayer Interfaith Encounter Group and their encounter on October 25th
Holiday greetings & Prayer-focus Interfaith Encounter group on June 24th

Bibliodrama Workshop Group

The tale of Samson
Two meetings: Genesis 3 and Jonah
Two meetings: Luke 10 and Abraham

Study & Dialogue Group

Study and Dialogue Interfaith Encounter Group on 9th June 2009
Study and Dialogue Interfaith Encounter Group on 13th May 2009
Limud Vesiach Interfaith Encounter Group on 12th March 2009
Galilee WIE

Palm Sunday encounter
Two encounters focused on three holidays: Mothers’ Day, Passover and Easter
Four encounters over the course of three months

The Future – Mothers and Daughters Group

Three encounters of “The Future” Interfaith Encounter group
TV Feature and 3 Reports of “The Future” Interfaith Encounter Group
Three updates from The Future – Mothers and Daughters Interfaith Encounter
Sakhnin College

3/11: Opening encounter for 2014
6/25: Values defined
6/18: The “doll game” and values (cont.)

Haifa University YIE

Encounter: December 4th, 2011
Haifa Youth Interfaith Encounter on May 12th
Haifa University YIE group renewed its activity! Updates from March

Gordon College YIE

Five more encounters!
First six encounters!

Jordan Valley College Interfaith Group (YIE)

Two encounters; one focusing on Mothers’ Day
Three encounters taking place in different locations
First report and three encounters!
East of Jerusalem Group

February 14: Secularization of religious societies
January 24: Religion & Technology
November 15: Holidays
Israeli-Palestinian Teens Group YIE

Informal encounter in Beit Jalla
Two encounters: Holidays, Birthdays & Weddings
First Encounter of Israeli-Palestinian Teens Group in Beit Jalla
Gush Etzion

The social meaning of fasting on 13 September
Meeting despite the challenges of checkpoints on 12 July
Gush Etzion encounter on 19 January
Hebron & Yeshiva Students YIE

Two encounters in February and April
21 January: Leadership in religion
5 November: Attitudes between religious and secular people
8/29: First Encounter!

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