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Get Involved!

As a grassroots social movement for change, we welcome everyone everywhere, regardless of faith, religion, gender, social status, political view or anything else for that matter.

If you wish to:

  • Help form an interfaith encounter group in your area, university, work place, etc….
  • Join an existing group
  • Offer space for encounters…
  • Host IEA speakers in your home/institution…
  • Organize a fundraiser…
  • Partner your business/institution with us…
  • Help promote the message of IEA in your area…

…please contact us!


Join our Mailing List!

Make sure you join our mailing list to keep up to date on our activities and receive invitations to our public events.  We will not share your information with any other organization.  You are encouraged to share the information with others and invite them to join the list as well.


Support Our Activities!

We have made immense progress since our humble beginnings, but we could do much more with additional funding.  If you live far away and still want to be actively involved, making our programs possible is a wonderful way to do so.  We are pleased to accept donations to support specific projects and our core activities.

Donate online- Tax Deductible in the US

Every dollar counts:

$30 – covers printing and communications costs for one encounter session
$60 – buys food for one encounter session
$100 – pays for transportation for Palestinian youth to come to Israel for an encounter session
$250 – allows us to retain trained coordinators of one encounter session
$500 – covers all the costs for one Palestinian and Israeli Youth Encounter
$1,000 – pays for one conference
$5,000 – can sustain one ongoing dialogue group for one year.

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Donate by check-

Make check payable to:

Interfaith Encounter Association
P.O. Box 3814
Jerusalem 91037

For tax-deductible US donations –

Make check payable to:

Friends of Interfaith Encounter Association
832 Lathrop Ave
Forest Park, IL

For tax-deductible UK donations (must be over $50)-

If you are in the UK and wish to make a tax-deductible donation – please consider utilizing the Global Giving website.

If you would rather pay by check, please make payable to (mark as “DONOR-ADVISED TO THE INTERFAITH ENCOUNTER ASSOCIATION [5411]”):

New Israel Fund of Great Britain, 25-26 Enford Street, London W1H 1DW, England

For tax-deductible Switzerland donations (must be over $50)-


Neuer Israel Fonds Schweiz, Postfach 425, CH-4010 Basel Switzerland

Thank you for donating to the Interfaith Encounter Association!



We are happy and honored to report that the IEA won the Transparency Seal of “Midot” with a high score!

View our financial information

Please consider your level of membership:

For individuals:

  • Individual friend – $45 and up (includes e-mail updates and event announcements)
  • Individual sponsor – $150 and up (includes above plus name in Annual Report)
  • Individual donor – $500 and up (includes above plus name recognition in front of Annual Report)

Israeli/Israeli-Palestinian weekend conference – $12,000

For corporations:

  • Corporate friend – $150 and up (includes e-mail updates and events announcements)
  • Corporate sponsor – $400 and up (includes above plus corporate name in Annual Report)
  • Corporate donor – $1,500 and up (includes above plus corporate name in front of Annual Report)

To send a delegate to a conference:

  • Scholarship Sponsor – $1,500 (includes named scholarship or dedication)

Higher level donation opportunities (all include named dedication)

  • Israeli/Israeli-Palestinian seminar sponsor – $5,000
  • Annual activity cost of a local interfaith encounter center – $10,000
  • Annual operating costs of IEA – $50,000

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